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Just a quick link…

This is beautiful and horrible, all at once. I have a love/hate thing with book art. It’s conflicting. Very conflicting.

Student Explains Kindle To Charles Dickens


Update: Correct link above. And here’s the link I accidentally linked to after a long afternoon of linking stuff on the website. Go support Faith in her amazing blog tour! :>

Alexandra J. Ash is a co-founder and editor at Escape Collective Publishing, an eBook publishing company, so she really shouldn’t be so attached to real books, but she is. Oh, is she ever. But she also reveres her eReader with an intensity verging on obsessive love, so it all works out in the end.


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3 thoughts on “Just a quick link…

  1. fvanhorne on said:

    That link actually goes to my post on epublishing. Thanks for linking it, though!

  2. Oops! Alexandra will fix that, toot-sweet. But we can keep the link up too – it’s a good thing.


  3. Yes, oops. Sorry and you’re welcome! :> Correct link above and your link left below it, just to make it fair.


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