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About us

Escape Collective Publishing is on the cutting edge of technology and business. We are a cooperative, which means that our company is run by writers, for writers. In our quest to publish the best in digital genre fiction, we incorporate the most important elements of traditional publishing (precise editing, comprehensive marketing, working with great cover artists) with the accessibility and ease of downloadable prose. Because we only produce work for e-readers and, therefore, have very little overhead, our authors receive a huge percentage of the profit from their own work and our customers receive great fiction at an affordable price. Everybody wins!

3 thoughts on “About us

  1. My picture of Allain de Botton (sic) appears on your blog post about writers and their desks. Please would you attach a credit to this picture. I don’t mind you using it (though I would have liked to be asked beforehand) but a credit would be ok.

    Richard Baker.

  2. My apologies. I have credited the photo to you (and corrected the error in spelling!). If you would like, I can remove the photo or replace it. I don’t recall the specific process of finding this picture, but I always try to find images that are marked for reuse. Again, my apologies and let me know if you’d like us to take any further action.

  3. I realize this collective is defunct, but I hope someone will still check in and answer a comment now and then…
    My writer’s group is trying to launch an independent publishing company, and we want to organize it as a collective (rather than a straight-up corportation), so we’d really love to see how other collectives are organized. Anything you’d be willing to share would help an awful lot!

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