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Early Autumnal Digressions

Ah, chrysanthemums, the official flower of November

One of the first truly cogent thoughts I had this morning was, “Holy crap, November’s half-gone!”  In any given month there are many reasons why this might bring on a mild panic attack, but I’m doing pretty well.  Despite the craziness of the weather, the work that keeps piling up and looming deadlines, I seem to be remarkably sane.  Weird.

I have to admit, when the going gets rough I do try to step up my game – for a while – but I inevitably break down.  It’s the guilty pleasures that suck me in and destroy my productivity.  All it takes is one itty-bitty crack in my resolve and I’m lost.  It doesn’t much matter if it’s old, trashy pulp novels, or instant-view science fiction movies, or video games that are designed to play with my OCD tendencies.  It could be anything.  In fact, I’d be willing to bet good money that if I was lost in the arctic, with only my typewriter to keep me occupied, I’d find out just how fascinating ice can be.  Mm hm.

Ooh, look! Lots of ice...

Now is a good time to take stock though.  Halfway through the month and plenty of work left to be done.  Gotta tally up that word count, burn through some checklists, make a few ‘To Do’ lists and get a realistic grasp on amount of work left.  Is that the responsible, grown up thing to do?  I’m not entirely sure.  It seems to be working right now.

Here is the most important date on my current calendar:  December 1st.  That’s the last day we’ll be accepting submissions for our next anthology.  Go clickity-click over HERE to read the submissions guidelines.  With only two weeks left, we’re still hoping for a few more knock-out stories to pull the project together. 

And then there is the cover – we’re still accepting submissions for our cover art contest.  It is remarkable that we have had very few submissions.  Maybe we’re not very good at wrangling submissions from artists.  All I know is that when the first of December rolls around, I’m gonna start working on an old fashioned panic if we don’t have something to put on the cover.  Or I could beat the rush and start panicking now.

This is me, losing it

Nope.  Not feeling it yet.  Oh well, back to the grind for me.  We’ll see if things get better tomorrow.

Patrick Jennings-Mapp is a co-founder of and an editor for Escape Collective Publishing.  When he isn’t trying to work up a good lather of angst, he’s downloading Big Trouble In Little China.  No, wait, he’s working.  Yes, working very, very hard.  Yes.

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