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Our First Books Are On Sale Now!

Back when we first started this publishing venture, this day was very fuzzy in my head.  Yes, I knew that eventually we’d be putting some books out and they would be purchased by people.  But it was very abstract, not exactly a real thing.  And yet, here I am.  Although it’s still a bit unreal, I am very, very excited.  There is so much work that we’ve got to do right now and in the immediate future, it’s almost overwhelming.  But I’ve got to stop and bask in the glory of the moment.

This is just the start of our work, really, but it feels like we’ve crossed a threshold.  It’s easy to talk about doing something, but it’s a different story to walk-the-walk.  It’s not easy bringing a book from an idea – or even a finished manuscript – to being a real thing.  I gotta say, it feels like we’ve done some great thing here.  There has been a steep learning curve to this business, but it has been mostly a happy kind of education.

Anyway, that’s enough ‘basking’ for now.  Here!  Here are the links to our books:

All Hope Lost is available HERE.

Corpus Pretereo is available HERE.

Every author that we’ve dealt with during the lead up to publishing has been wonderful.  Even that one who bugged me about the crazy stuff?  Well, yes – let’s just say it’s a “spectrum of awesome” and some are more wonderful than others.  It has been enlightening and rewarding to read and work on these tales.  And I think it has set a good standard for the next cycle of our work.  I’m hopeful that the quality of this work will encourage others to submit their work and attract an even wider circle of contributors and readers.  I suppose my goal for this is to raise ourselves up by the sheer merit of our published works and our inhuman, editorial willpower.  Well, and coffee.  Lots of coffee.


Patrick Jennings-Mapp is a co-founder of and an editor at Escape Collective Publishing.  When he’s not fantasizing about coffee (sweet, dark, delicious coffee) he’s trying to read. You can send him a message at patrick at escapecollective dot com and he’ll read it out loud to himself.  In a funny voice.



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